Monday, September 15, 2014

Student Blog: Amelia Broome shares her experience in the EC-SEBRIS graduate certificate program

We asked students to blog about their experience with the EC-SEBRIS Graduate Certificate Program. Master of Social Work student Amelia Broome shared her thoughts:
The EC-SEBRIS Program is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of child development. This program is highly educational and practical as it transfers easily to real-world settings, and is supported by strong research and well-established theoretical models. 
The program is fit for working professionals and has partnered with the School of Social Work at San Diego State University, making the EC-SEBRIS program feasible to complete at the graduate level. 
I am in the process of completing my Master of Social Work Degree at San Diego State University, and was fortunate to hear of the opportunity to complete this certificate during the MSW program. 
This opportunity came in a very timely manner, as I have gone through most of my higher education without receiving any specialization or classes in child development. I have known this is to my personal detriment, as the population I would like work with is children! You can imagine my relief knowing I could receive this education and the benefits it will bring.
By completing this program I will have a significantly better understanding of early child development and interventions including, applied behavioral analysis, assessment methods, behavior strategies, treatment planning, attachment, emotion-regulation, and more. 

If you are certain you would like to specialize in working with children, this program is a true investment of your time and will greatly enhance your career development. I am excited for those who choose this program and wish you the best of luck in your journey working with children.

Applications for the certificate program are available Oct. 1st. 

The EC-SEBRIS certificate program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on professional preparation and skills enhancement of early childhood professionals who work with young children who demonstrate socio-emotional and behavioral concerns, and their parents. 

This one-year program is targeted towards working professionals and classes are offered in evenings on two nights each week, and admission is accepted only in the Fall semester. 

For more information on the EC-SEBRIS graduate certificate program, visit our website.