Monday, April 27, 2015

A Few Last Words Before the End of the Year

As I end my year in the ECSEBRIS program, I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained overall. Learning about functional behavior assessments, behavior support plans, evaluation plans, data collection, assessment/measurement testing procedures/instruments, and regulation plans are tools that I feel confident using in the community for families.

Topics such as intervention techniques, atypical and typical development, emotional development, attachment, response to intervention, brain development in association to emotional regulation, and interpersonal neurobiology theories have provided me with so much growth. I have definitely enjoyed the benefits of personal reflection, and self-awareness skills. The staff and professors in this program have become a team of mentors for me along the way. I really feel that my level of growth is due to this cutting edge program with best practices and support! I highly recommend this wonderful program.

- Ashley Virgilio

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Strong Recommendations from Mariah Rideaux

I came into this program on a last minute whim to strengthen my background experience for a Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Degree. I had intended it to be a stepping-stone, but instead I experienced a full 360 transformation. In addition, I have awakened a new passion I never knew existed within me. The EC-SEBRIS program has expanded and strengthened my skills of working with families. I have 6.5 years of experience working with children and thought I didn't have much room left to grow. However, I have blossomed in the way I work with children from a social-emotional perspective. I have learned to be more patience, understanding, and caring with the families I serve. The EC-SEBRIS program has also helped me learn to navigate my new position as the supervisor of a brand new preschool program in a hospital setting. To have the appropriate boundaries in working through a sensitive environment is a gift to both the families I serve and myself. I have an enormous appreciation for how important social and emotional development is in early-childhood and this appreciation drives me to create the most nurturing and supportive preschool environment possible. Instead of switching over into an MFT program upon finishing the EC-SEBRIS program, I have decided to finish this journey and obtain my Master's Degree in Child Development. I feel my time in this program is not ready to expire and I want to continue building myself into a strong early-childhood professional. I have already and will continue to strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in working with children and families. Having the EC-SEBRIS program as a foundation to fall back on will help any individual aiming towards a social service career-whether you want to work with young children or adults!

Mariah Rideaux