Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Student chooses EC-SEBRIS certificate over doctoral program

We asked students to write about their experience in the EC-SEBRIS Graduate Certificate Program. EC-SEBRIS student Traci Sackett shared her thoughts as a part of our student blog series: 

The EC-SEBRIS Program at San Diego State University, through the Department of Child and Family Development, works both as a foundation for further study in child development as well as a supplemental body of knowledge for professionals working in the field of childhood mental health. 

It is an intensive one year program covering critical material. The Attachment Theory and Behavioral Neuroscience components are especially applicable, whether a classroom teacher, counselor or instructor of parenting education classes. 

I chose to supplement my Master’s degree in Counseling with the EC-SEBRIS certification in lieu of pursuing a doctoral program. I am fascinated by the burgeoning field of neuroscience as it applies to human behavior, as well as the practical application of Attachment Theory in working with children. 

I found that the time and expense of a doctoral degree was more than I wanted to commit to, and that the EC-SEBRIS program offered me the option in furthering my education and deepening my experience in a practical and attainable manner.

Applications for the certificate program are available Oct. 1st. 

The EC-SEBRIS certificate program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on professional preparation and skills enhancement of early childhood professionals who work with young children who demonstrate socio-emotional and behavioral concerns, and their parents. 

This one-year program is targeted towards working professionals and classes are offered in evenings on two nights each week, and admission is accepted only in the Fall semester. 

For more information on the EC-SEBRIS graduate certificate program, visit our website.