Monday, February 3, 2014

Student Poster Presentations- Vivyana Jordan, EC-SEBRIS student 13-14

Student Poster Presentation, Vivyana Jordan, EC-SEBRIS (HINT: click the image to enlarge!)

From Vivyana:
This semester we were required to conduct a research project concentrating on a variety of assessment tools and methods utilized to assess different child developmental domains. The topic I chose was Social-Emotional Competence and Skills. It wasn’t until beginning the EC-SEBRIS program that I really understood the importance of social-emotional competency and how it is interrelated to the developmental effects of children and adolescents. Having graduated with a degree other than child development, and with holding an occupation that involves working with children, is what motivated me to want to learn more about the different tools available to measure this domain. This project allowed me to investigate different assessments used to measure social-emotional competence skills by analyzing literature reviews as well as being introduced to new ways of screening and assessing children of all ages. I truly enjoyed this project as the information consistently illustrated the importance of early intervention, and gaining knowledge in understanding each child in their care in regards to their social-emotional needs.
Thanks, Vivyana!