Thursday, December 18, 2014

Semester Reflection of the EC-SEBRIS Certificate Program

Throughout the semester I have seen a tremendous growth in myself as a person and as a caregiver. Being part of the EC-SEBRIS program has given me the opportunity to integrate feedback from the classes and comments and suggestions that have been given to me from our reflective groups. One of the things that I have learned and have continued to develop skills in is how I have linked what I have learned in class and by putting it into practice at my site at the Chabad Hebrew Academy. I have shared a lot of information that I have learned with co-workers, friends, and family members by informing them of the positive changes when becoming aware of children’s social and emotional behaviors.

The classes that I took this fall semester allowed me to gain so much knowledge in the social emotional development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers focusing on attachment, self-regulation, and developing theories that are applied in childcare. I also learned to use various behavioral assessments that suggest intervention and support showing me techniques on how to best provide the help and resources for children, parents and caregivers. One of the major things that I learned was, that when interacting with children I will continue to pay attention to their cues and remember that they are the ones who guide us. We as caregivers are there to make children feel protected, safe and secure, especially when they are independently exploring their environment. I believe that talking to children enriches their vocabulary as they hear and grasp new words, helping them build up vocabulary, as they get older and begin to talk.

I consider this program to be very helpful as I learned to self-reflect on who I am as a person and caregiver. I am very pleased to say I have enjoyed each class and how incredible of a journey it has been. I am eager for the spring semester to begin, to see what the program has for us EC-SEBRIS students; and for us to become aware and grow into advocators for early childhood.

-Stephanie Zapien

The EC-SEBRIS certificate program is an interdisciplinary program for early childhood professionals who want to improve skills for working with young children who demonstrate socio-emotional and behavioral concerns, and their parents. Certificate courses can be applied towards a Master of Science in Child Development.

The EC-SEBRIS program will accept applications for Fall 2015 admission from Oct. 1, 2014 to March 2, 2015. For more information on the EC-SEBRIS graduate certificate program, visit our website. Apply now to take the first step toward your a career that will change lives!