Friday, May 16, 2014

Some final thoughts from our graduating EC-SEBRIS students

Here's what our graduating EC-SEBRIS students are taking away from the EC-SEBRIS Graduate Certificate Program:

The EC-SEBRIS program has provided me with a new foundational understanding in early childhood education that has played a crucial and pivotal role when working with both children and families.
–Brook Armstrong

I feel the EC-SEBRIS program has given me in depth knowledge regarding attachment and assessment that will inform my direct practice work with children and families.

    –Alena Cansler

After completing the EC-SEBRIS Certificate Program, I've gained personal growth as well as an expanded lens on early childhood education. I learned many approaches in early intervention and also the importance of reflective practice. It has been beneficial at my workplace as well as at home because I have a preschool-aged daughter.

–Jessica Cardozo

I graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development.  Earning a degree has helped me advance in the child development field, and this has generated the interest in me to further my education and consider a career as a child development community college professor.  Having the experience of being in the EC-SEBRIS Certificate Program has been exceptionally beneficial not only for my professional growth, but also for my personal development. 

–Juan Miguel Diaz

The EC-SEBRIS program taught me the importance of children's social emotional development. I hope to one day start my own preschool based on the principles I have learned in this program.

–Jessica Frazier

What I gained from the EC-SEBRIS program was a theoretical framework for understanding child development through psychology, and how the first three years of life are critical in shaping who we become in adulthood.
–Serge Galy
I have gained so much knowledge from the program. I learned the effects of having meaningful relationships with families and children and I learned so much about the development and behaviors of children.  All the knowledge I have learned will definitely apply in my life and career!
–Eula Isabelo
The EC-SEBRIS program has been an excellent experience— one of knowledge and insight into the development of children that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

–Sylvia Jimenez
This program has given me the confidence to recognize and respond to behavioral challenges while using ethical and professional standards.
–Vivyana Jordan
I have greatly appreciated the time and effort each professor took with me during my time in this program. The individuals I have had the privilege of getting to know taught me a lot about different interventions, making and implementing plans to help me while working with children in the classroom. I have learned a great deal from the hands on experience that I received while working at my site. My future plan is to work in a preschool setting and eventually open up my own preschool in Texas.
–Brittany Martinez
From the EC-SEBRIS program, I learned to build better relationships with families and to understand and value every child. I also learned to help children with challenging behaviors and to create a regulation plans.

 –Maria Martinez
The EC-SEBRIS program has taught me the importance of socio-emotional development in early childhood, and ways in which to support children with behavioral challenges. This program has given me the necessary skills and abilities to work closely with families in order to support their child’s development.

 –Luciana Pacheco-McEvoy

In just a short year in this program, not only have I gained confidence to become a better educator, but also tremendous knowledge for early childhood intervention and how important it is for community development.

 –Linda Yang
During my experiences in the EC-SEBRIS  program, I have gained so much knowledge from topics like secure attachment, where we gained an understating of the primary regulatory sites in the brain associated with emotional regulation and the role of the early parent-child relationship in the brain development.

–Luis Sanchez

The most important skill I take from the EC-SEBRIS program is the ability to regulate myself, and to stay regulated when presented with extremely difficult behaviors in children (and, let’s be honest, sometimes their parents). I decided not to apply for the master’s program this year, so that I may take some time to explore the field and see where I feel I can make the biggest impact.

 –Megan Sullivan

The EC-SEBRIS Program has taught me so much. I am blessed to have met colleagues, mentors, and teachers that have fueled my passion for the field. Thank You. My school year was much more challenging because my eyes and heart were opened to things I would not have normally seen. However, I am confident that I touched more young lives than I would have normally touched without.   
–Cherryl Vivar

Congratulations to all of our EC-SEBRIS graduates! And good luck in your future careers!