Friday, November 21, 2014

A MidYear Review on the EC-SEBRIS Certiicate Program

As I reflect on my experience in the ​EC-SEBRIS ​Certificate Program thus far, many thoughts and feelings surface. I have found that this program is a great fit for me philosophically and professionally. Being able to have a place to synthesize my professional experience, my life experience, and my educational experience is proving to be an incredible time of growth for me.

The assessment class ​(CSP 623) ​while necessary, is not my favorite. I feel ​for a couple of the students who do not have a background in ​C​hild and Family Development. For them this class is even harder. The material in this class is dense and hard to digest, at least for me and a few other student colleagues I have talked to. However, I can say that I understand psychometrics much better than I did before. Personally, I would like to spend more time on the DSM 0-3 in this class.

While we need to know assessments, unless we are licensed, in many cases we may not be performing the assessments we are studying when we have finished this certificate program. In my class with Professor Walsh (CFD 670)​, it is so interesting to learn about interpersonal neurobiology, and l​earning about the science of attachment, and the role it has in shaping who we are as adults. I am often moved to tears during his lectures because as I gain a deeper understanding of myself,​ I am able to answer so many questions I had in regard to myself. The opportunities to reflect with myself during group and individual practice is such a gift!

- Maura Mehrian

The EC-SEBRIS certificate program is an interdisciplinary program for early childhood professionals who want to improve skills for working with young children who demonstrate socio-emotional and behavioral concerns, and their parents. Certificate courses can be applied towards a Master of Science in Child Development.

The EC-SEBRIS program will accept applications for Fall 2015 admission from Oct. 1, 2014 to March 2, 2015. For more information on the EC-SEBRIS graduate certificate program, visit our website. Apply now to take the first step toward your a career that will change lives!